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Blockchain is the buzz-word of the moment. Many people talk about it, but only a few really know how and why it began and its potential and future applications. If you are not a programmer or a tech expert and your objective is to understand how Blockchain works, get familiar with its technological foundations, business applications and follow the evolution of this technology, MIOTI’s Blockchain for Business programme is what you are looking for.


Starting from a description of the foundations and origins of Blockchain, students will be provided with a vision of the technology and its variables based on real cases. After that, they will jump into the world of cryptoinvest with real-time exercises and, finally, they will develop the capacity to identify business opportunities through Blockchain use cases.

Day 1

  •   Introduction to blockchain: Origin, motivation and context
  •   Bitcoin: The first implementation of a blockchain solution
  •   Case study: Blockchain

Day 2

  •   Blockchain 2.0: Ethereum & Smart contracts
  •   DAPPs and DAOs
  •   ICOs
  •   The economy tokenisation
  •   Case study: Token creation

Day 3

  •   Blockchain in Depth
  •   Consensus algorithms
  •   Public and private Blockchain
  •   The new internet paradigm: privacy and data property
  •   Case study: Ripple and Steem

Day 4

  • IoT and Blockchain: IOTA
  • Corporate Blockchain: Main consensus
  • The verticals of Blockchain application

More info at info@mioti.es


We’re proud to support women in tech and are offering a 10% discount to reduce the gender gap. Let’s increase female representation through education, mentorship and community. (This discount cannot be combined with early bird discount.)


Bring your friends to study with you! For every friend that joins the course, you can get 10% off your tuition fees, which can be deducted from your total cost or shared with your friend.

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At MIOTI, we want to help you access our programs with ease, through flexible and fast financing options. We offer different types of financing thanks to our partners. Contact us at info@mioti.es to find out more about the alternatives we offer.


We are the first educational institution in Spain to accept bitcoin as payment for tuition. We believe in the future, so we’re helping to build it. Through a payment app we’ll be launching soon, we will accept payments made with the main tokens on the market.