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Over 5.000 m2 of operative space hosting startups, corporations, a company builder, an IoT academy and business angels.

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TheCUBE is the ideal set-up for interaction among startups, entrepreneurs and corporations, providing the connections and resources to take their ideas to the next level.

Daily, firsthand interaction with successful startups and experienced professionals, as well as the opportunity to witness entrepreneurial projects being developed and launched from scratch.
TheCUBE offers you the chance to network with experienced entrepreneurs, exchange resources and present your ideas to resident business angels.
High-speed internet connection, laboratories where you can build and test prototypes and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs.
TheCUBE’s calendar is jam-packed with events such as workshops, coaching sessions with industry experts, open pitch sessions with resident investors, as well as many other activities.



An innovation hub to connect, learn and chill out

Have a coffee with an entrepreneur

Sign up for an open pitch session with resident investors

Attend TED talks, events and workshops held at TheCAFÉ

Have a beer with a tech corporation executive

Network with MIOTI’s IoT experts

Enjoy 24/7 access to a collaborative, comfortable and trendy coffee shop

Our Partners

A shared vision and common goal of reducing the gap between education and employers.


A shared strategic view regarding the need for new skill sets in this new technological era


Key contributors to MIOTI’s mission through strategic agreements and participation in the academic council.


Integration in the innovation process through student interaction, project collaboration, workshops and mentoring.