Innovation Ecosystem

MIOTI is the epicentre of a unique ecosystem that brings together education, entrepreneourship and innovation and in which start-ups, tech corporations, students and investors cohabit every day. A building of clos to 5000sqm completely dedicated to connecting, inspiring, creating, and developing projects of IoT, establishing contact points between start-ups and corporations and fostering talent. That ecosystem is TheCUBE Madrid.

MIOTI – The Institute


Two classrooms conceived for interactive work and equipped with digital blackboards.


Two flexible romos that can be adapted to the learning needs, like brainstorming, teamwork…


4 labs representing each of the 4 pillars of IoT (Smart Cities, Smart Home, Smart Health & Industrial IoT) to comply with MIOTI’s educational proposal.


Open space for individual or team work for both students and teachers, so as to Foster networking within the institute.


THECAFE is our open space for events and activities. From meetups of different communities like Blockchain, IoT prototyping, or Uxer Experience, to HACKATHONS in which participants propose solutions to business problems proposed by corporations.

Ideation sessions, investors and start-up meetings, any activitie that needs an open and creative atmosphere… All of this and much more at THECAFE.

Our Partners

A shared vision and common goal of reducing the gap between education and employers.


A shared strategic view regarding the need for new skill sets in this new technological era


Key contributors to MIOTI’s mission through strategic agreements and participation in the academic council.


Integration in the innovation process through student interaction, project collaboration, workshops and mentoring.