The first Internet of Things institute in Spain has arrived


On Thursday the 18th of May, MIOTI officially opened its doors and became the first institute in Spain specialised in professional training for the Internet of Things. With its “Make, build, learn” methodology and “learn by doing” approach, MIOTI aspires to be an active and relevant player in the evolution of education, which we spoke about in previous posts. MIOTI’s mission is to train future IoT professionals and teach something new in a brand new way, thanks to its “maker” philosophy.

The dynamic event, which took place in El Palacio del Cine de la Prensa and welcomed 150 guests from the corporate and technological world, focused on the fundamentals of the project and extended an invitation to collaborate for all those who wish to accompany MIOTI along its adventure.

Throughout the course of the evening, we pulled another surprise out of our sleeves; MIOTI’s headquarters will be located in THECUBE Madrid, a renovated industrial building with over 5,000m2 of space which will host the first innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem for the Internet of Things in Spain. An iconic workspace kitted out with the latest technology, where students and other members of the ecosystem can connect, train and create business opportunities related to the Internet of Things.

During the presentation, we saw heard from some of the members of the Academic Council, who, unfortunately, were not able to attend the event, but who took part in a brief panel discussion via videocall with some of the present members in order to speak about the transformative impact of IoT on the corporate world and the educational challenges it imposes. The words of Manuel Muñiz, CEO of MIOTI, particularly stood out: “With our programmes, we want to be the catalyst of change which brings about the revolution of connected devices”. Alberto Rodríguez, co-founder of Unlimiteck Company Builder, the company behind this initiative, and Javier Esteban, CEO of the THECUBE Madrid, both had their say during the event. As Javier said, “For us, MIOTI is the cornerstone in the innovation ecosystem which we’re officially launching in September.”

The event ended with a cocktail party and a networking session, during which we spoke with guests about our exciting project and its launch date in October 2017, which is when the academic programmes will commence.

The launch received outstanding press coverage, from media outlets such as the following: El Mundo, El Referente, TIC Beat, EFE Emprende, la revista Yorokobu , Loogic o TICPymes.