Our learning method is 100% focused on IoT and designed to cover the whole spectrum of training needs, whether you are a recent graduate looking to start a career in IoT or a middle or senior manager that wants to increase his or her knowledge about IoT strategy and business application.

IoT Master


9 month program that covers the value chain o fan IoT solution, its applications and its technological framework. Conceived for those seeking to lead in IoT in their business or startup.


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Group A: Tuesday and Thursday

Group B: Friday and Saturday


Starting date: Sept./Oct.

End date: July

Open Session

1: 21/06/2018

2: 11/09/2018

“I chose MIOTI because it’s not base don a traditional learning method, bu ton a practical, business-targeted one.”

Mercedes Tirado PeñaClient Success Manager at Metiora

“At MIOTI I found what I wanted in the right momento, retrain and update my knowledge with an innovative and fresh methodology and achieving a profesional change along those lines”

Ernesto Padilla MatínezOperations Manager at Claridae


Group A: Monday and Wednesday


Starting date: October

End date: February

Open Session

1: 12/09/2018

“I’ve recommended several people to study at MIOTI because I perceived that is very different from other trainings and the space is very cool”

Leda Duelo ÍñiguezSenior Data Analytics at T2O Media

“The biggest difference is that it is IoT specific and created by and for businesses”

Alberto Vargas MedinaKey Account Management at Vodafone

“MIOTI is very different from university, it’s more dynamic and entertaining”

Iria Bolívar TouriñoProject Manager at Boyacá

Data Science for IoT


18 weeks program focused on bsuiness application, predictive analysis techniques, machine and Deep learning. For professionals that want to boost their careers with the current most demanded capabilities.


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IoT Business Executive


18 weeks program focused on the business and corporate dimensión of IoT. Aimed at an executive profile seeking to discover the IoT potential and lead the tehcnological change that is coming.


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Group A: Wednesday

Group B: Friday


Starting date: Jan./Feb.

End date: July

Open Session

1: 13/06/2018

2: 13/09/2018

“I chose MIOTI because of the faculty and the founders because I believe that they are great technology connoiseurs and have that genous touch that makes things different”

Gustavo Núñez GarcíaDirector General for Nielsen Iberia

“IOTBEX helped me understand that there are a million possibilities inside this business and that the world we live in can be shaped in a very different way thanks to technology”

Marisa Carrión LorenzoStrategic Planner and Consumer Insight Manager at Pernod Ricard

“My experience was amazing. We saw cases that could be implemented in the real world and we got real-time feedback for each of them”

Ramón Rodríguez CarreroMarketing Manager at Fundación Universia


Wed & Thu: 18:30 – 22:30

Friday: 17:00 – 21:00


Starting date: 05/07/2018

End date: 13/07/2018

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Día 2


Día 3


Día 4


Blockchain & Crypto


Starting from a decription of the foundations and origins of Blockchain, the student will be provided with a vision of the technology and its variables based on real cases. After that, they will jump into the world of cryptoinvest with real-time exercises and, finally, they will develop the capacity to identify business opportunities through blockchain use-cases.


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Attend and get a 50% Scholarship!

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