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Start date: Feb. 2019
End date: Jul. 2019


Tuesday & Thursday
18:30 – 22:30


Our Data Science for IoT programme aims to create profesional interdisciplinary profiles capable of applying cutting edge data and IoT techniques to different business sectors. Through a learning method based on real case applications, by the end of the programme our students will be able to thrive in the IoT environment in a profesional and effective way.


A programme for professionals who want to learn how to apply the latest data modelling techniques. With an eminently practical focus, this programme provides an extensive overview of the latest techniques in machine learning and deep learning. Focused on developing the abilities and capabilities needed to develop a lasting impact in the new IoT ecosystem.

1. Data Science Fundamentals

Introduction to Data Science and presentation of the general framework.

2. Data Science with Python

Python as a framework for Data Science: notebook development, use of pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, structured (CSV, REST, HSQL, Logs) and non-structured (Web, Spark, Cassandra) data processing sources.

3. Data Preprocessing

Data preprocessing techniques: filter application, data anonymisation, attribute selection, sampling a dimensionality reduction.

4. Data Visualization

A look into how to visualise different types of data and the techniques you should use.

5. Predictive Analytics

Introduction to temporary series analysis, review of the best algorithms available. Anomaly detection, use case development and series prediction.

6. Machine Learning

Introduction to the classification and clusterization of problems. How to evaluate results, build data sets and revision of main algorithms and their application.

7. Deep Learning

What is Deep learning? Implementation of CNN with Tensorflow.

8. Entrepreneurship

Discussion and discovery of new business models based on Data Science.

9. Final Project

The subject can be selected by the student or chosen from a list defined by MIOTI.

More info at info@mioti.es


We believe in meritocracy and think resources should never be an obstacle. We provide scholarships of up to 50% of tuition fees, just send us your CV and presentation letter to info@mioti.es.


We’re proud to support women in tech and are offering a 10% discount to reduce the gender gap. Let’s increase female representation through education, mentorship and community. (This discount cannot be combined with early bird discount.)


Bring your friends to study with you! For every friend that joins the course, you can get 10% off your tuition fees, which can be deducted from your total cost or shared with your friend.

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Calle Rufino Gonzalez 25, Madrid


At MIOTI, we want to help you access our programs with ease, through flexible and fast financing options. We offer different types of financing thanks to our partners. Contact us at info@mioti.es to find out more about the alternatives we offer.


We are the first educational institution in Spain to accept bitcoin as payment for tuition. We believe in the future, so we’re helping to build it. Through a payment app we’ll be launching soon, we will accept payments made with the main tokens on the market.