Three programmes, each with a duration of three months, which focus on each of the fundamental IoT components.

Aimed at professionals who wish to develop the skills and capabilities needed to establish a lasting impact in the new IoT ecosystem.

  • Data Science & IoT Module (#DataScience): Designed for professionals who want to master the latest data modelling techniques. A notably practical module which provides a comprehensive tour of the latest Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques.
  • IoT Ecosystem Module (#Ecosystem): Directed at professional who seek a deep understanding of the IoT ecosystem: Communication protocols, security, standards, platforms and cloud computing.
  • The Things Module (#Things): Aimed at professional who wish to expand their knowledge of hardware prototyping, sensors and fog computing.


  • 120 contact hours per module within a 3 months period
  • Two available groups:
    • Weekly: Tuesday and Thursday (18:30 – 22:30)
    • Weekend: Friday (16:30 – 20:30), Saturday (9:30 – 13:30)

Enrolment and conditions

  • 3,500 euros per module
  • Financial aid and scholarship programmes available

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5% Early bird discount*

We accept payment in cryptocurrency

We’re the first educational institution in Spain to accept enrolment fees in cryptocurrency. We believe in and are contributing to the future. Through the use of our payment application, which will soon be available, you’ll be able to pay using digital tokens.


Here at MIOTI, we help you access our courses with our flexible funding options. We offer different types of funding through different partners. Contact us at info@mioti.es for more information regarding the alternatives we offer.


We believe in meritocracy, and think resources should never be an obstacle. We provide scholarships of up to 75% of the tuition, send us your CV and presentation letter to info@mioti.es


We’re proud to support women in tech, and we’re offering a 10% discount to reduce the gender gap. Let’s increase female representation through education, mentorship and community. (This discount cannot be combined with Early Bird discount.)


Bring your friends to study with you! For every friend that joins the course you get a 10% bonus on tuition cost, that can be deducted from the total, or shared with your friend.