Tailor-made programmes adapted to companies and organisations that want to discover the potential of IoT and be leaders in digital transformation.

  • Executive Committee: IoT discovery sessions, with content related to the transformation and redefinition of various industries, as well as notions of corporate IoT strategy.
  • Upper Management: IoT immersion course with a focus on the identification of company transformation needs and IoT opportunities with the company.
  • Middle Management: Study of IoT use cases to develop skills and capabilities in order to lead and develop IoT projects.


The programme and learning objectives will be defined with the training department, and will always be focused on IoT-related skills and aim to develop the company’s IoT potential.

More information

Each company is different. So are their needs.

MIOTI provides personalised education, adapted to the needs of each company.

Experts in IoT transformation

Not just training; during the seminars, MIOTI will advise and accompany each organisation during the processes of defining their IoT strategy, as well as discovering new products and markets.